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You've probably seen detox centers advertising "rapid detox" procedures on the Internet, that promise to eliminate your opiate cravings through a complex procedure done under anesthesia, in exchange for thousands of dollars of your money. We look at these programs with suspicion, as it has not been proven to be completely safe, and there have been several deaths associated with people undergoing these procedures.

There is a new online program we have found called Addiction Free Forever, which is a comprehensive guide to not only getting off drugs, but staying off them for good. It is written by someone who successfully kicked a 10-year heroin and oxycontin dependence, without the use of the typical methods that generally only lead to relapse in the majority of people who try them. This method is about "re-learning" behaviors and training your brain not to depend on drugs anymore! If you're serious about getting clean, you owe it to yourself to check out the Addiction Free Forever program.

Making It Happen

Instead, we prefer an all-natural, inexpensive solution to detoxing from opiates. No opiate withdrawal is pain-free, but through a combination of Western and natural medicine, proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise, one can minimize their withdrawal symptoms and begin to live a normal life again. Through the right combination of these three factors, a healthy, comfortable detox is within reach.  Subscribe to our newsletter below for periodic information about combating opiate withdrawal, staying clean, and healthy living tips.

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home symptoms methods nutrition supplements paws

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